Januš Aleš Luznar


''real magic happens when you become an instrument yourself''

Photo: Uroš Abram for Mladina tednik 2019

Visual: Januš Aleš Luznar



Januš Aleš Luznar has been a creative force since the late 1990s, delving into music production, DJing, graphic design, and new media art. His multidisciplinary approach intertwines various artistic mediums, resulting in a rich and diverse body of work.

Luznar's influence extends beyond individual projects, as he has made significant contributions to numerous record labels, showcasing his innovative sound and versatility across different musical genres. Additionally, his talent for crafting immersive soundscapes has found applications in diverse fields such as theater, fashion, cinema, and advertising.

Actively engaged in creative communities, Luznar is a member of the Hupa Brajdič collective in Ljubljana and the Atelier 21220 in Budapest, where he collaborates with fellow artists, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and inspiration.

In 2018, Januš Aleš Luznar embarked on an experimental journey, diving into the realm of musically manipulated biofeedback loops. His focus centered on integrating the human heartbeat into his live performances and compositions, pushing the boundaries of both science and art. This innovative fusion reflects Luznar's unwavering dedication to creativity and innovation.

His exploratory endeavors with the ICTUSCORDIS performances have taken him to stages across EU, including London, Paris, Budapest, Ljubljana, Nova Gorica, and Celje. Through these various performances Luznar shares his unique blend of sound and technology with audiences, captivating them with his inventive approach to music.

In 2023, Luznar started a new research endeavor centered on the acoustic properties of musical instruments. Inspired by the rich heritage of African string instruments such as the Kora, Ngoni, and Nyatiti, he began crafting his own instruments. Drawing upon his expertise in sound composition and electronic music production, Luznar aims to imbue these instruments with a unique sonic identity while paying homage to their cultural origins.

Based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Luznar's artistic endeavors resonate with the city's vibrant cultural landscape. From his studio, he continues to push the boundaries of artistic expression, creating immersive experiences that challenge perceptions and inspire audiences.

Appears by: Yanoosh, Ohm Fat, Ictuscordis, Funksi, Yanwe

Member of bands: JamJamJam & Evol Ai 


e-mail: janus.ales@gmail.com

phone: 00 386 40 71 22 17


Digital Weekender @ Watermans arts centre (London, UK) 2021, Open source body (Paris,FR) 2021, Festival Duckling (Celje,SLO) 2020, Pixxelpoint (Nova gorica, SLO) 2019, Into the fields festival (Bonn, DE) 2019, Cinedays festival (Skopje, MK) 2018, Golden drum (Bernardin, SLO) 2007, 2014, SOF (Bernardin, SLO)2005-2007, Lent Mladinin oder (Maribor, SLO) 2018, Phillips Fashion Week (Ljubljana, SLO) 2011-2014, Eco festival (Nova Gorica, SLO) 2014, Radio Študent - Tresk ! (Ljubljana, SLO) 2013, Meet me (Divača, SLO) 2005, MED / Maribor elektronska destinacija (Maribor, SLO) 2012, BIO / Bienale of industrial designers (Ljubljana, SLO) 2012, Dan Elektronike (Ljubljana, SLO) 2011, Festival Utrip (Ljubljana, SLO) 2007 etc.

selected projects 

2018 -2022



ICTUSCORDIS ‘’ synchronicity’’ presentation

Iklectik, London UK


 (Vocals and Lyrics)

Evol Ai - Rutina


‘’Roles we play'' Qualiass records, Slovenia 12.11.2022

Physical performance 

Minljivka Beštialija

Festival Gotropolis

Nova Gorica, Slovenia



Yanoosh Live

Floating castle festival

Grad Snežnik, Slovenija



JamJamJam - Live

Praznik glasbe, park Tabor


Original music

Yanoosh - Dovoli vetru


Yanoosh Music Productions, Slovenia 14.6.2022


Yanoosh Dj

Publika Bar

Ljubljana, Slovenia



Jam Jam Jam - Live

Kavč festival

Podhod Ajdovščina Ljubljana, Slovenija




ICTUSCORDIS ‘’ Modulatio’’ 

Digital weekender @

Watermans Arts centre, London

13.11.2021 & 14.11.2021

Original music release

Yanoosh – Into the night 

Part of compilation 

‘’Acsess frame Monstrosity’’ Kamizdat, Slovenia 14.6.2021

Remix release

Rojpot – Kamikaza bot

 (Funksi Remix)  

Hupa records, Slovenia


Sound design

 “La Pomme De Vie’’ 

Gyula Cserepes & Egyed Bea

Atelier 21220, 

Budapest, Hungary 4.6.2021

Original music album release 

ICTUSCORDIS ‘’Memoriae’’ 

Kamizdat, Slovenija 16.3.2021 


 ICTUSCORDIS ‘’ Modulatio’’ 

Open source body conference, Paris 22.5.2021 


ICTUSCORDIS ‘’ Modulatio & Variatio’’ 

Kino Šiška 16.3.2021

Workshop for children

'' Sound effects for film and video''

KUD Center 21, ŠD Tabor, 

Ljubljana 27.8.2021

Arrangement, mix & mastering

‘’Čarovniški Blues – Magija’’ 

Hupa records, Slovenia 21.4.2021

Sound design

 “Čarovniški blues - Magična Knjiga”

Kud Center 21, Ljubljana 12.6.2021 


Sound correction / design

'' Documentary, Y? ''

Premiere Kino Šiška,

Ljubljana 30.11.2020

Streaming premiere of new media performance

ICTUSCORDIS ‘’ Variatio” 

ŠD Tabor, Ljubljana 5.12.2020 


 ICTUSCORDIS ‘’ modulatio’’ 

 Račka festival, 

Celje 16.9.2020

Original music album release


''when the earth stood still''

Self published 14.5 2020


‘’Rojpot - Orange Air’’ 

Hupa records, Slovenia  28.12.2020

Hungarian premiere and reprise

ICTUSCORDIS ‘’ modulatio’’ 

MU Szinhaz, Budapest

 22.10. & 23.10.2020 

Sound design 

 “Čarovniški blues - Magičnji uroki”

Kud Center 21


Premiere & reprises 

ICTUSCORDIS‘’ dialogue’’ 

Španski borci, Ljubljana

29.9.2019 & 30.9.2019


ICTUSCORDIS ‘’ modulatio’’ 

PIXXELPOINT festival, Nova Gorica. 16.11.2019 

Original music release

 OhmFat – The edge (Original Mix) 

La Volta Ros, 

Guadalajara, Jalisco (1.9.2019)



PifCamp, Soča

5.8., 6.8., 9.8.,10.8.2019


ICTUSCORDIS ‘’modulatio” 

ČMC, KUD Center 21,

Ljubljana 25.9.2019

Sound design / Touring

 ‘’Late night show’’

Into the fields festival, Theater im Ballsaal, 

Bonn 20.3.2019

Music and media interventions

Invisible Theatre 24 hour performance

 + ICTUSCORDIS ‘’ Modulatio''

Hupa Brajdič Produkcija & Dark Frese / Raum 8, Klagenfurt

5. & 6.4.2019


Ictus Cordis ‘’ modulatio’’ 

Pocket theatre, Ljubljana 

27.5. & 28.5.2019 


New media performance series premiere 

ICTUSCORDIS ‘'modulatio’'

ŠD Tabor, Ljubljana 24.11, 25.11.& 26.11.2018 


ICTUSCORDIS ‘’ modulatio’’ 

Atelje M 1 5 – Švicarija,

Ljubljana 21.12.2018

Sound design 

 ''Late night show'' 

Gyula Cserepes, Budapest 5.7.2018